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Surprise, surprise.
I'm in Florida!

In my last blog, I had given you my top 5 Tips to Travel for Cheap.
I wanted to keep this travel-esk blog post momentum going,
(not like my blog isn't themed around it or anything..)
and with my trip to Florida right around the corner,
I planned some goodies for you.

Y'all know that I am always on the go,
so I thought I'd try out some "Packing Hacks" and share with you to make your life easier
if you are also packing to go on a trip!

I think that these small and easy hacks help in a big way in packing,
I hope it does the same for you!

Also, sorry and fair warning that some of these shots are not the most
artsy or best posed. I was in a rush to pack but still wanted to get these documented.

Packing Hack #1: Roll yo clothes

If you want to conserve on space, roll your clothes instead of folding them!
This gives you ample room, useful for when you are taking home momentous from your trip.

This hack is super simple, but I think that it makes such a great difference. 
This is a good way to keep your clothes organized, and neat!

Packing Hack #2: Use plastic wrap to prevent spills

I kid you not, every single time I travel, some kind of product leaks.
I have been smart enough to at least put it in plastic bag before packing it in my suitcase,
but then it leaks into the contents of the bag and its a sticky mess.
I was super excited to try this one out to see if it works.

All you have to do is, undo the caps of a product, make up remover or what-have-you,
put some good ol' plastic wrap on top of the opening, and stick the lid back on.


I did this with several of my hair products and my make up remover, 
and it is safe to say that on this trip I had no spills.

Packing Hack #3: Put your fav shampoo in a smaller bottle to save room

I know I know I know.
This sounds so simple that it's dumb. 
However, trust me that this actually saved me quite a bit of room (and $$)!
I bought these really cute little bottles at Walmart for like a buck each,
Then, I put my favorite hair shampoo and conditioner in them. 

Places don't sell the travel sized shampoo's that I would like, so I think this is perfect if you have a
specific product that you use, and if you want to conserve space.

Shampoo bottles can get pretty big so it's great to down size! 

Packing Hack #4: Keep things fresh with dryer sheets

I am super aware of smells, and I do not like being the source of the bad ones!

Grab some dryer sheets, and place them between some of your clothes to prevent any mildew-like oder.
This keeps your suitcase and your clothes smelling fresh.

I really liked this hack because sometimes I would open my suitcase up after landing and getting settled in,
and it smelling dingy.
That is like my least favorite thing.

But after using this tip, I opened up my suitcase and it smelled nice and clean.
ry it!

Packing Hack #5: Put used clothes in a bag


For this last packing hack, this is probably pretty common,
but it's something that I do all the time
and I think it is pretty beneficial!

Florida is hot and humid, and naturally people sweat, and sometimes sweat doesn't smell good.
So instead of sticking your used (and potentially smelly) clothes back into your suitcase,
grab a plastic bag to put them in during the time of your stay.
This keeps your suitcase and clothes smelling great, and dirt free!

And that's it!
I hope that you try these hacks and that it would benefit you in some way.
If you are headed out on a trip and decide to try these hacks,
please let me know how it works out for you!
Traveling can be stressful, but I think that there are ways to eliminate the mess.