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Today, I am writing to you from an airport cafeteria.
At least this is where I will start writing this.

Today has been quite the adventure
So i'm going to tell you ALL about it.
Sit tight.

as you can tell from the theme of my blog,
I like to wander.
I like to take my time and run into wonder.

So with that being said...
I'm in Florida!


for the third time

Some say I may have a problem, but that's their wrong opinion. 
(insert mischievous emoji face here)

Some of my really good friends have moved down to Florida,
and so that gives me the perfect excuse to be with them, and to travel.

Believe in the joy of spontaneity and adventure will be everywhere

Is it weird to quote myself? 
Oh well.

But it's true,
I believe in the joy of spontaneity.
Therefore I go on a lot of adventures.
Today was one of those days.
and I loved it.

It all started on Sunday. 
My friends had picked me and my boyfriend up around 11pm.
We started our night drive to Chicago MDW Airport
and we arrived around 1am.

Silly us, 
we got there ay too soon...
So we sat on the cold ground in the airport for a solid 2 hours.
and then we finally were able to check our bags.
Then we sat in chairs!

and waited another 2 hours.

But I think that good travel is worth the wait.
We finally boarded our plane at 5:20am
nd off we flew!


Before the trip we booked a rental car. 
When our flight landed, the renter met us at the airport to drop the car off.

Our first stop? 
iHop of course.
Two sleepless hangery people are not a good mix.

Okay, a moment of honesty.
I felt like such an adult driving this car around Orlando.
Like, hey, look at me
moving up in the world and what not.

Does this, or does this not look like

The answer is yes.

Anyways, we had wandered over to Disney Springs and it just was
a beautiful sight to take in!
We weren't in the mood to shop,
so we just walked around and saw what we could see.

I cannot tell you how content andering makes me.
Like, just leisurely strolling and taking in the vastness around me.
ets me every time.

Universal Studio was so close, how could we not go there too?
It was a blast to just walk around!
But we pit stopped in this chocolate factory for a bit.
It was giving off serious Willy Wonka vibes.

The chocolate inside was as expensive as you'd think. 
We had a coffee milkshake,
it was so good.
and so expensive.
ut good.

After we walked around and saw all that we could
(for free that is)
We went to this park near by to kill some time.
Sam was pretty tired, so he slept in the car while I wandered a bit.
There was a small wooden walk-way to the pond area and I just sat and watched.
and then I saw a water snake drown a bird,
saw a Gater not too far from where the snake was,
and then found a turtle a few feet away from me.

what an eventful time!

After, we returned our rental car and headed back to the airport!

We reunited with my friend Emma and her baby Clark!
Then we waited for her husband Ross to come pick us all up and head home.
Sam stayed with Ross and Emma while I stayed at Bryan and Brie's house.

t u e s d a y

Sam drove over to where I was staying and we sat poolside for a few hours.
Oh, and it was about 80 degrees that day. 
I definitely was a happy girl!

We stuck around for a while and then went for an early dinner at one of my fav places.
burger 21.

How YUM does that look?!

When I was in Ocala in April I had gone here and loved the food.
They have all these different sauces you get to try!
Sam and I had tried 7 different sauces and they were delicious.

Alysia's Favorite:
Thai Ketchup
Sam's Favorite:
Chipotle Mayo & Ranch

We ended our day watching the Goldenbergs with Ross and Emma!
and I must say Sam and I are pretty hooked.

w e d n e s a d a y

Sam came to pick me up in the morning like usual.
When we got back, Emma made us these absolutely delicious pumpkin pancakes!
We sat out on the porch and it was so beautiful outside.

On Monday I was telling Sam how It felt like we went back and froze in summertime. 
It was hard to believe that it was December and it was this warm!


Later that evening we had the opportunity of being apart of the worship team for
their youth service.

What made this more special was being able to lead worship with
Ross and Emma! 

Ross and Emma were mentors to me since I was 14 years old.
They have taught me so much, I wouldn't be the leader that I am today without them
pouring into me!

his was my second time leading worship at this church and I really
love the heart and passion this youth has for Jesus. 
It was so special to lead worship with people that are special to me.

t h u r s d a y

Okay, so you will have to imagine with me.
I wish I would have done a better job of picture taking, but you know, living in the moment
and what not.

So Thursday we got to sleep in a bit, and this time I had a car to drive myself over to where
Sam was. 
We got pretty addicted to the show, "The Goldenbergs" so we watched several episodes.
Then we went out to Mojo's grill for lunch with Ross and Emma.
I wish I could have that same meal again, it was so good! 
I realize this blog is mostly about the food I ate..#priorities

We dropped them off at work and then we went to Silver Springs!

Vision with me now.
Take an abandoned Jurassic Park feel, mixed with like faded happiness, 
and some scenic nature.

Don't get me wrong, it really was a beautiful area to look at
it was just a little well, vacant.

There is a natural springs in this park, and it makes the water crystal clear.
Its no Bahama bright blue water, but you can see everything that is in the water.
There was really vibrant (HUGE) fish swimming in the area.
We could have gone on a glass bottom boat tour but we thought we didn't have enough

So, if you go, you should do that and tell me how it is!

Look at how cute he is.  Also, look at how blue the water is!

Look at how cute he is.

Also, look at how blue the water is!

Okay so here is where it gets interesting.

We were walking along on this path, and we were going towards this
gazebo sitting area, and I see something swing in the rafters.
and I said to Sam

is that a monkey?

Nahh, in Central Florida? couldn't be...
wait, yeah that is monkey.
Oh, cool there's like 30 of them.

These people near by were telling us how about like 10 years ago
Tarzan was filmed on an island in the springs, and the monkeys got loose or whatever the story is.
Now they come in land sometimes, and there is pods of 60-80 and 80-100!

100 freaking monkeys. Isn't that crazy?

Also, the alpha is the same size as an 8 year old child.
yeah, we were not going to run our chances and continue walking down the path,
so we turned around.

We bought some fudge, so that was good.

Last evening

It was our last evening there. 
Sad sad sad!

We picked up Ross and Emma and Clark.
Bryan & Brie's baby girl Brighton came along for the evening with us as well!
We went downtown and visited a coffee shop called,
We had been recommended by several people so we just had to go. 

Downtown Ocala had lights everywhere, and a really cute
skating rink!

I think this was the perfect way to end our last day in Florida.

After that, Ross took Sam and I to the airport and we began
our adventure back home. 

This was such a wonderful vacation,
thanks for wandering with us :)