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December is in full-swing and there is many fun things to do with your boo!

Take advantage of this beautiful and romantic season. If you need some help on a bucket list of winter things to do, I hope that this post gives you some good ideas!

1. Walkin' In A Winter Wonderland

how romantic is a brief walk outside in the fresh falling snow? Before it gets too cold, take a stroll outside and enjoy the snow!

2. Open The Cook Books

One of the best things about the Holidays is that cooking is a must. Whether it is decorating cookies, or trying out a chili recipe, cooking with your significant other is tons of fun! Go Pinterest a meal, or open a cook book and spend an evening inside!

3. Ice Skating

Grab your mittens and head to a skating rink for some wintery fun! Bonus If you live near an outdoor skating rink. Red Arrow Park in MKE is a great place to spend an afternoon!

4. Make Gingerbread Houses

Sam and I did this with our friends Jake and Chloe the other day and it was SO much fun! Turn it into a double date night for you and your friends and see who can come up with the most impressive house.

5. Get Crafty

There is so many resources in this world (mainly Pinterest) that can inspire, and assist, you to construct a masterpiece. Pick up some items from the dollar store and make a Christmas relic that you bring out for years to come!

6. Movie Night

What better way to spend an evening when it is blistering cold outside, than blankets, hot cocoa, and a heart-warming film! 

7. Candy Cane Lane

Not sure if that is what they call it in other places, but there's nothing more romantic than strolling in your car and admiring all the beautiful and extravagant Christmas lights!

8. Seasonal Theater

For a more fancy night out, head down to the theater and enjoy a seasonal show, like the Nutcracker! 

9. Winter Photoshoot

You don't have to be a professional photographer, or have an expensive camera to do this one. Go adventure around and take pictures of each other in the beautiful snow!

10. Build a Snowman

We all have a little kid in us, so get your snow gear on and get to building. After you have made a work of art, you can enjoy warming up inside with some hot cocoa!

11. Christmas Cookie Bake off

Every year my mom makes a TON of Christmas cookies for the family. I think this would be a fun date idea to do with your significant other as well! Getting some recipes together and spending and afternoon making cookings and then giving them away to bless someone.

12. Random Act of Kindness

Christmas is the season of great love. Jesus showed us this by taking on human form and coming to earth for us. I think that this time of year should spur in our hearts to be generous with our materials and our kindness. Go plan something together to do that will bless someone. Whether that is making Christmas cards and handing them out to residence in a hospice or paying for someone else's meal, make it a point to show someone kindness. and may your kindness that you show inspire your love even more!

I hope this post got you excited about Christmas and that it gave you a few ideas to do with your other half this season!

Merry Christmas!