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I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22!


I'm sure you already guessed it but today I turn twenty-two years old. So I thought it called for one of these trendy (and lets be honest an idea I didn't have to come up with on my own) posts! So, here are 22 things that I've learned in the past 22 years of living.


1. Be kind. We live in a world full of hate. Be generous in kindness to anyone and everyone. Life is too fragile to be filled with rude people.

2. Eat healthy! You're in your 20's and I'm sorry but your metabolism can and will catch up to all those late night Taco Bell runs. Besides the unwanted pounds, junk food is going to mess with your mental clarity and more -- take care of your brain too!

3. This goes along with #2, but EXERCISE. For the love of all things holy do not stop moving. I've recently been working out after a time of not doing much physical exercise and let me tell you that doing 35 squats is killing me. Keep up with your body. I don't mean to be the "health nut" that promotes that kind of lifestyle, but again, life is too short to not be active. Go for a walk, or a run if you're feeling ambitious.  

4. I need Jesus. Every second of every day. There is no better life than to live in the fullness of God.

5. You are more like your parents than you realize.


6. The world is freaking expensive. Weddings are insane, rent is insane, life is insane. Save your pennies, cut corners on things you don't need and skip out on a latte every now and then. 

7. Love everything about yourself and life. You will spend far too much time complaining about where you want to be or what you want to be like. Make steps.

8. Contribute to something. Get involved in your church (Lord knows we need more people to hold babies!), volunteer for a soup kitchen, play bingo with old people! Contribute your life into something or someone else.

9. Don't forget to check the oil in your car. For real.


10. It's not too late to go back to college! I took a solid 2 years off of college and here I am in my second semester back. Education is so important, so if you want it, do it.

11. RELATIONSHIPS ARENT EVERYTHING. They don't define you. If you're constantly seeking out a companion you're going to run into a whole lot of trouble. Focus on being the best YOU you can be. (Read a post I wrote about this here)

12. Everyone is going to have an opinion about your life, and it's not your job to get defensive about it. If I could take back all the anger I felt when people were saying awful things about me taking a break from college, I would. 

13. Try something new. Recently, I've been using bronzer and highlight in my make up routine, and I love it. I'm not a glamour model or contouring perfectionist, but I like experimenting with make up. Don't be afraid to go against your normal.


14. Build good habits early. Self discipline is a thing I think a lot of people struggle with, myself included. Carve out time to do the important things like clean your room, do your homework, or taking a shower. Please, take a shower.

15. Repurposing furniture is SO MUCH FUN! Take yourself to the Goodwill sometime and buy a cheap end table and spruce it up with some spray paint. It's so easy, and it's fun creating something and making something old, new.

16. DRIVE RIGHT. I can't tell you how many times I've made an Instagram story about this. The text can wait. If you have had too much to drink, don't drive. I've experienced personally the affects of someone else's decision to drive under the influence. This individual is paying the consequence with jail time and at the expense of the life of her friend. It's not worth the outcome, please pay attention to what you're doing.

17. Do not forget to have fun! Been working the grind? Go plan a day trip to Madison. Go hiking somewhere, whatever makes your soul happy. 

18. Just because you are 18 doesn't mean you automatically obtain the birth right of an adult. Let me explain. I see far too many kids that turn 18 and DEMAND the same respect someone far much older. Sit down, be humble. Let life grow you into an adult, you can't expect to gain all this life experience by merely living another year.


19. Never stop learning. Maybe it's me or its the Stone Creek motto...but this is important! It doesn't mean to stay in school 4ever. It means that you need to soak in the world around you and learn from it. Learn new things about yourself. Learn new hobbies. #NSL

20. You are not defined by your past, your anxieties or depression. You're not defined by your family or anything else. You are first and foremost a Child of God. 

21. SEE THE WORLD!!!!!!! I wrote a blog post about this too (click here) Traveling doesn't always have to be expensive. I think that every human deserves to see the creation of the earth. That doesn't mean taking lengthy crazy trips across the earth. But merely going little by little. I went to Florida (4 times), Idaho, Texas, and more a year or two ago and most of those times were by myself. Take it all in.


22. Seasons will be seasons. Learn how to navigate around them or learn how to go through them. Don't be afraid of seasons. 

It's only 1:00p and this has already been the best birthday yet. I cannot wait for what this year holds for me (like getting MARRIED! wahhhh?). 

I am so thankful and grateful for all of my friends and family that have made today so special. Y'all make my life wonderful!

-feelin' 22.