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I’m four months late to this, but hey.
Life happens.

I’m going to break this post up into moments
and do a small description — but i’ll let the pictures
do most of the talking.

Just wanted to give a quick shout out to our photographers!
Huntley + Shay were incredibly helpful in the planning process,
professional and efficient when directing us for pictures, and just overall amazing
people to be around. We recommend them!

Anyways, here is a glimpse into our wedding!


I got to the barn before everyone else on the day of the wedding.
As an introvert, this was amazing.
It was literally the best way I could have started my day.
I reflected on a lot of stuff like our relationship, God’s goodness, and just the feeling of peace.
I truly believe the people that were praying for me that day made one of the biggest impacts
of why I had almost no stress. I felt like an anomaly. I didn’t cry because it started to rain.
I didn’t worry if we were on time or not.
I knew that I was marrying my best friend, I knew that God had my back, and I knew that my fav people were going to be there.
It was the perfect day.

Some of my girls had their hair and make up done before coming to the barn,
and the others (like myself) either did our own hair or each others hair.
Make up was the same deal!
I loved being able to do my own hair and make up, I felt like myself,
I’ve never felt more beautiful than on that day.
It may have been the puffy dress, and extra make up, but I think it was because of how extremely happy I was.


The girls got dressed in their dresses and they waited outside while I put on my dress.
My maid of honor helped me with the dress because she had been there for all the alteration appointments.

I am an incredibly awkward human being, so I walked out and I was like,
”Whats up my dudes!”

My dad was a little out of the loop and is not a man of many words,
so when I went to do a “father first look” thing, he just laughed and said, “what now?”
It was funny.


Okay, going through these photos were kind of hilarious, because most of their “getting ready”
photos were them trying to tie their ties — double chins and all.
But here are a few stellar shots of my (HOT!!!!!) husband and his best bros!


The pictures kind of paint a lot of what the ceremony looked like.
Something that we chose to do for our, “unity” portion of the ceremony was to take communion together.
We are christians, and we wanted our wedding to have God in it and what better way to start our marriage
by reflecting on the reason why we love; because he loved us first.

Another unique thing that we did was we had our wedding party pray over us and for our marriage.
I thought that was such a special moment because these people are in our lives for a reason,
and they’re going to be the ones to encourage us and to keep up with us.


I remember being hungry but couldn’t eat all day.
When we sat down for our meal, we probably only ate a few bites and started our walk around the room
to say hello to everyone!
We did not get to say hi to the whole room, which for me I felt so bad about because I wanted to thank everyone
for coming. But, we had to move on and start dancing!

I was almost never on the dance floor.
I’m not a dancer, never was and probably never will be.
I pinched a nerve in my back doing the sprinkler at my senior prom if that paints you a picture.

But I loved it because I stood outside chatting with people as they left.

One of the only times I cried that whole day was when my dad and I danced.
The song he picked was so sweet and he sung it to me while we danced.


Here is our big family!!

I was the youngest in my family, so I never had little siblings.
Now, I have two amazing little sibs!
For Sam, he was the oldest, so he not only got my older siblings,
but he has nephews now too.

We are incredibly blessed to have an incredibly loving and supportive family!


Meet our besties!
We love these people and couldn’t imagine our special day without them.
I hope you enjoy these people as much as we do.


To end this post off, here are some couple photo’s and one or two of just me.

One of my most memorable moments other was getting onto the bus that was taking us all to
go take pictures, and sitting next to Sam and thinking, “we’re freaking married”.
I don’t know why that stands out to me so much, but it was like all the stress leading up to getting married
was like gone. The thing that we wanted so badly was finally here — we were freaking MARRIED!

I hope that you enjoyed the photos and reading some of my wedding day stories.
It truly was the most perfect day and could no have asked for a better wedding!!

Thanks for reading — y’all rock!
— A