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Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all!


Last year I did a blog post about a few things that I was thankful for (read here!) —
and I thought that I’d switch it up this year instead of writing another list.
Not much has changed on my list, except Sam is now my husband and we are living on our own with our cat!
(so thankful for our living situation, and our crazy kitten that likes to wake me up in the morning.)

This is just a tiny list of some of my favorite things about thanksgiving,
I’d love to know some of your favorite traditions in the comments below!


This is my upmost favorite part of Thanksgiving! This season brings around something that we ought to practice more often.
being thankful.

I’m just going to be real — my heart is so broken over how negative this world has become.
I’m not going to list them all, but just all of this hate-talk… that’s got this world messed up.

I like that Thanksgiving brings out the “thankfulness” in people, but I wish It came around more often.
I love encouraging people and telling them how thankful I am for them.
I love practicing thankfulness by listing out the things that I am thankful for.
When we look at life through the lens of gratitude, our posture towards our exsistence changes.
Our purpose changes. We have been given so much, whether it is with things, or love, or life.
God is a good God.
We have so much to be thankful about and for.


Ahh, yes.
My favorite faaaaaaaaaavorite part of Thanksgiving!


Besides food in general, it’s just great. And I love food,
but thanksgiving food — MMMMMMM.
Here’s a few things my family makes at thanksgiving that I absolutely love:
1. Sauerkraut Pierogi — My family is pretty polish, and we have this recipe book that has been passed down
with all of our polish family recipes! This one in particular is the best.
A Pierogi is like this crispy, dough-y, salty, sweetie, shell of YUM.

Here is a recipe for you wanted to know more about it!

Anyways, the dough is like super crispy, and then the Sauerkraut is the sweet part, and you sprinkle salt on top.
I could probably eat my body weight in Periogi and die a happy lady.
2. Mashed Potatoes — Okay yes, can we have this any time? yes, but its just better on thanksgiving.
My father-in-law makes the best mashed potatoes ever. I don’t know what he puts in it, but it’s the best!
3. Polish Sausage — Yup, more polish stuff. I have no idea how to make it or describe it.
Its just sausage in Sauerkraut and its so good.

What is something your family makes for thanksgiving that you love?


I know this kind of goes along with food,
but lets talk about how we are able to enjoy this dinner for not just one night,
but for days to come!
I know this sounds weird, but I love having thanksgiving left overs for breakfast the next day.
I just do!


I know that Christmas and some other events brings around family, but I just like being able to see all of my family,
and eat delicious food, its a great mix.
Especially now being moved out and away from family,
I really like being able to have times where we can all come and spend time together.

I know this was a very small post, but I thought I’d just keep it short n’ sweet.

I’m so thankful for so many things, and I love every ounce of my life that the Lord has given me.
I hope that you have a fantastic Thanksgiving with your friends and family!