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I know, I know. It’s been a while.
and to be honest, I’m not, “back” yet.
I probably won’t be back for a couple more months.
At least not all the way.

I’m taking a short break from blogging.
and i’ll tell you why in this post.
But, i’m just going to give you a life update because apparently that’s all I have in me to do.

So I hope you enjoy this.
Thank you for reading,
and I hope to see you again soon.

It’s been a hot minute since the last time I did a life update,
but to be honest there isn’t much to catch you up on.
So this will be short and sweet!

too school for cool

I got on the Dean’s list for my Fall 2018 semester! This is my second time being on the deans list and honestly i’m super pumped about it.
I worked really hard last semester!
I’m in my final stretch of school.

I graduate in approximately 133 days…. but who’s counting?

This semester I’m continuing on my path of being crazy by taking 19 credits.
Pray. For. Me.

Anyways, after I finish this semester (alive hopefully), I just have to take 16 credits for the summer and then i’m
I should be done at the end of July and then in December, i’ll be flying to Texas to walk across the
stage and receive my diploma!

These past two and a half years have FLOWN by and i’m still in shock that i’m almost done.
I don’t have a job lined up for post graduation yet — but i’m taking this semester to just purely survive and then in the summer I'll
be looking at employment options.

So, that’s the largest chunk of my life.


Our little cute fur baby is almost a year old!
He likes to play fetch which is really hilarious for a cat.

We recently have been having some complications with him
and ended up taking him to the vet.
He just has an infection and we are trying to figure out what has been wrong
with the little guy.
He seems to be feeling a little better after some antibiotics but still is showing
signs of his body fighting off an infection.

Other than that, he’s cute and we love having a cat to snuggle with and laugh at.
another funny thing that he does is he will perch himself in random spots and just stare at us.
Really creepy-like.
I think he’s a little obsessed with us — er — I guess attached is the word.

all the rest

  • I preached my first sermon at the young adults group at my church!
    I was super excited for this opportunity and I look forward to preaching more sermons and to become a better communicator! (and to also not say UMMMMM as much.)

    If you’d like to listen to it, click this link.

  • Sam and I will be celebrating 9 months of marriage on the 22nd of this month! I LOVE married life and I love my husband!

    Also, No babies yet. Sorry!

  • Sadly, Sam broke his hand. But he is on the mend!

  • Just went on vacation and visited my favorites in Ocala, Florida. It’s nice to have
    a short change of pace.

I think I covered everything.
Not a lot has changed, and that’s okay! I know life will be getting crazy soon as i’m
finishing up school and looking for a job.

With that, i’m taking a crazy load and I’m just focusing on that right now.
I love blogging and I promise to not be talking about my life all the time, but this is
all I can give to you right now.

When I have the time i’ll post, but for now i’ll be a little quiet.
But i’ll be back, I promise.

Thank you.