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I am the kind of person that does not like to be scared.
I hate being scared.

I’m stuck between not liking the scary parts of halloween, but loving the creepy odd things about it.


In light of Halloween, this post is going to be a mixture of things i’m scared of, halloween stories, and anything related.

  1. Spiders

    Unfortunately I have to face my fears on a regular basis because our backyard is the woods.
    Spiders like the woods,
    and Spiders like to torment me.

    In Florida, I had to kill many abnormally large spiders and although I can get the job done,
    spiders just creep me out.


2. Sharks

This one is actually a little funny.
I love the ocean, but I do not really like to swim in it, for the reason of sharks.
I know you’re probably thinking,
“Alysia, you’re being irrational, shark attacks happen only blah blah blah”.
BUT they’ve got these beady little eyes and i’ve seen a shark movie or two.
They’re scary.

On our honeymoon, we were on the beach of the Sand Key Island, and me not wanting to be a sharks dinner,
I sat on the shore FaceTiming my friend.
Sam is a brave soul and was swimming in the ocean.
at one point, I looked out and couldn’t find him,
got a little worried,
but I was sure he’d be fine.

As i’m looking I see FINS!
I freak out.

The fins were from Dolphins but, that is besides the point.
It was VERY scary.

3. Dracula

When I was little, I remember watching some Dracula movie.
Honestly I think it was black and white and the acting was bad.
But when Dracula bit this girl in the neck, it forever weirded me out.

To this day, I always have to sleep with a blanket
tucked by my neck as if it were to stop Dracula from sucking my blood.


4. Cat + Witch

For the majority of my childhood, I was a cat or a witch for Halloween because I have
NO creative bone in my body when it comes to costumes.

One year, when I was maybe three years old, I went as a chicken.
I think it was my best costume.
Hard to top.

5. The Nightmare Before Christmas

This is hands down my favorite movie ever. Not even just for halloween/christmas, but like ever.
I know all of the words to the script and the songs,
I have watched this several times a year for the past probably 17 years.
I’ve always been a fan of anything Tim Burton and claymation.


6. I don’t like trick or treating

Yeah, i’m that kid. I always went when I was little,
but I didn’t enjoy being super cold and having to ruin my costume with a big coat.
I also could live my life without candy and have had my fair share of cavities (without the help of candy),
so I’m fine not trick or treating.

7. Halloween shows to binge

I have binged the new Netflix original The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and I love this reboot!
Definitely different from the 90’s show we all loved but it’s still good.
It gives a fresh take and gives it a little bit of a creepier edge.
It’s a little weird in the sense that they like basically worship Satan… but I kind of just filter
all that stuff out mentally.

You’ve probably heard of it, but my husband and I binged (yet another Netflix show) The Haunting of Hill House.
I’m not one for horror films of any kind, but this was more suspense and thrill rather than like things jumping
out at you. There were a few unsettling scenes, but again, mentally blocking that stuff out.
The story plot is so intricate which is why I was very interested in watching it!

Last Halloween-y show to watch would be Stranger Things. If you’ve never watched it, I recommend watching it!
Amazing story line and characters. There are two seasons out and season three to come out next year.
If you have seen this, why not re-watch this spooky szn?


8. Spooky Playlist

Want to listen to some spook-tacular songs this halloween?
Check out a playlist I made last year!
My fav song for halloween is, “I put a spell on you”.
It’s a really fun ballad/jazz song with a touch of eeriness.

9. Podcast

Another media consumable for you — a podcast.
Check out “Up and Vanished”.
There is one complete season and they are in the middle of another season.
Basically, this podcast uncovers cold cases.

The first cold case in Season 1 was about this woman named Tara Grinstead.
I was finishing up the podcast while driving to Florida, and I was maybe an hour away
from the town she disappeared in.


Anyways, check it out.
It’s super good.
Thank me later.

10. My costume this year.

Fine, I’ll spoil it. I’m going to be dressing up as Sabrina from the new Netflix reboot.
Surprised? Probably not.

It is tough to find a character with platinum short hair!
Also, this costume was very easy to put together since it’s normal clothes and a black headband.


That’s it!
I hope you enjoyed this post — It was fun to write.
Let me know in the comments what you are going to be dressing up as!

Stay safe, and have a Happy Halloween!