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If you have been reading my updates, you would know that I am currently
"living" in Florida for the summer! If you haven't read my updates, now you know.

Anyways, my best gal pals (Kelsey + Megan) and I went on a road trip that was one for the books!
I needed to bring my car down to Florida for an internship, but did not want to make the long drive by myself. I'm glad to have friends like these to drive an insane amount of time down to Florida to see me off on my summer adventure!

This blog post is going to be a little long, but I have some picture pit-stops for you to take!

S U N D A Y 

Woke up bright and early on a Sunday morning and finished last minute packing.
I went to bed at 2am on Saturday night and woke up Sunday around like 6am!
I was running on pure adrenaline.
Normally I would probably have kept hitting the snooze button but I was just feeling so many different things, I didn't want to stay asleep for long!

We left around 7:20am.

Most of our time was spent in a car, but we found ways to keep it interesting!
We jammed out to old school Disney people like Hannah Montana and Ashley Tisdale.
You know, what all normal adults do on a road trip.

We had a big box filled with snacks in the back of the car, and whoever sat back there
was in charge of getting us snacks up front. So... we yelled. A lot, for what we wanted.


This was literally yelled, maybe every hour. And it was so much fun.

During the middle of the day we stopped in Louisville, KY!
We desperately needed a coffee stop, so we decided to go to Quills Coffee.
It was yummy and hit the spot.

On the road again! 

In between singing to music, when I needed to concentrate I would put on a podcast.
I had started this podcast called, "Up and Vanished" like months ago, and never finished it,
so this was the perfect time.

Funny enough,
the next day we were about 20 minutes away from the place that this podcast was reporting on!


Anyways, so during this time, there had been a subtropical storm that was brewing.
It was going through Mexico, the gulf and the south and west side of Florida heavily. Thankfully, we did not experience any of the high winds or crazy rain that we were expected to!
We had gone through literally ONE I-can't-see-a-thing patch of rain,
but that only lasted for a half hour!

After that it was smooth sailing.
We tried to stop in Nashville, but it was just kind of hard to get around,
so we decided to keep going and then ate at a fast food stop for dinner.

Later, we finally had reached Atlanta, GA around 11:20pm.
We were staying with my moms friend for the night,
which was nice to not have spent money on another hotel.

Fun-fact: I knew her when I was really young and her family and ours would go camping
all the time!
But since they moved to the south, I hadn't seen them in many years.
It was fun to see Anne again!
Also, she had the cutest little kitten. So cute.

M O N D A Y 

Monday morning we had woke up early (again) and ate breakfast and said our goodbyes!
We started on the road again and by around 1 or 2pm we had made it to the Floridian boarder.

Oh, also I felt brave enough to do ALL of the driving both days. I made a bet in my mind that I needed to do all the driving to say that I did it.
and I did it.

Our final destination for the day was Daytona Beach, FL.
However, we decided to make a quick detour in Saint Augustine.

We ate authentic Macarons, walked around, took pictures, got rained on a little bit, stood on historic ground, and ate really really good pasta. 
You can see all of that in the pics above!

After we stuffed our faces with yummy food, we hit the road again to Daytona Beach.
I had booked us a hotel room at the Plaza Resort & Spa, which I've frequented over the years.

I've been going to this thing called, "Camp Gnar" for the past several years and this place has played a big part in my relationship with Sam!
He asked me to be his girlfriend on this very beach.

We checked into our hotel, and before heading to the beach, we brought some of our snacks and water to this homeless man we passed on the way in.
That was a great experience.

We then walked to the ocean.

For me personally, I've never really done anything like this before.
I have only ever drove 7 hours by myself, and I came right back home after.
I've never been away from home for more than three weeks, so this has been a scary but very cool time for me.

When we got back to our hotel room, it started to POUR outside.
Kind of funny that we kept missing all the rain,
but really shows God's provision over us during this time!

We had settled in for the night and put on the Bachelorette to watch!
I stayed up late trying to finish a paper (per usual) and called it a night.

T U E S D A Y - T H U R S D A Y

I'll be honest with you, I hadn't taken a lot of pictures the following day.
So, I will give you a sparks note version of what happened! 

TUESDAY we left Daytona around 11am, and ended up in Ocala around 12:30 I believe?
We unpacked our stuff at the house that I'll be staying at for the summer,
and then headed to the church that I will be interning at!

We walked around the church for a quick second
and then went back to the house for the night.

I think so at least.
 I'm kind of blanking, and usually pictures that I take help me remember,
but I didn't do that so, that's where I'm at.

WEDNESDAY was my first day on the job -- well on the internship.
I got up early after a night of restless sleep, and got to the office around 8:30am.
I was in meetings for the majority of the morning, and then did a ton of driving to have lunch with my friends for their last day.

When I got back it was just getting ready for Camp Gnar and doing last minute things for the youth service that night.

We had Wednesday night service, and I was able to be on the worship team! Always a great time to worship with these kids. They don't hold back.

 We then went home, since my friends had an early flight to catch.
They did their packing, which was sad. 
I didn't want them to leave so soon!

THURSDAY, I woke up at the crack of dawn, and took them to the airport (this was an hour and a half drive).
I ended up staying in Orlando doing some homework waiting for another interns flight to get in! 

Although I have a million things to write about the rest of the week, I'm going to stop here because that concludes my adventure with my friends!

I'll be writing a post later about my first week here in Florida.
It's been all good stuff!

However, If you could keep me in prayer...
the next couple of weeks are going to be extremely difficult for me.

Pray for me...
- As I continue to adjust living down here. 
-For my internship
- School!!!!!!! It's kicking my butt right now. I need motivation.
-and for the last details for the wedding.

Thank you in advance!