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sorry for my brief leap of absence.
I had been neck-deep in writers block.
but I'm back! 

and just like that, I am done with school for the summer!
Well, at least the full-time aspect, I am taking summer courses online.

This was my first semester back in a few years, and it was challenging!
But, with every challenge comes reward.
I wouldn't trade the amount of growth and stretching I had gone through
these past few months for anything.
Dare to be uncomfortable!


I spent last week in, you guessed it, Chicago!
We stayed in this really cool three-story Airbnb that was right next to the city.

My classmates and I all shared this time together to reflect and relax
from the semester.
I wanted to share with you some of the cool places we went!

This was the view from the front of the house that we stayed in!
We mainly just lounged around and played the game Secret Hitler when we weren't
exploring, eating, or having family meetings.

If you want a game that will make you question every
intention of those you love, buy this game.
Just kidding, but seriously it is really good!

Our first day in Chicago was calling for a much needed
coffee adventure! 
We went to La Colombe and I tried myself a
black and tan.
Which is like a cream infused coffee thing with cold brew.
I know for a fact the barista did not use those terms to describe this drink,
but I do know that it was very tasty.


Later that day we went to one of those escape room things.
We split up into two teams,
Mobs & Prison.

I was in the prison group.
We were doing really well at first but one of the locks were faulty and was opened
by the wrong key! 
It threw us off entirely and we ended up needing more time to finish
since that derailed us so much.
Needless to say we did not break a record... but the other group did!

As a reward for escaping the rooms alive,
we went to Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream Shop!
This place had so many yummy flavors.

I got Lavender and Vanilla and a cream soda to accompany it!
The graphics and the colors and the interior were so cute! 
If you're going to, or are around the Chicago area, you should check it out.

The next day we went to the Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago cubs.
Our very own Milwaukee Brewers were playing!
It was a great experience to go to the game, but it was rainy and pretty cold.
a few of us caught an uber home after the 5th inning and warmed up a bit before dinner.

Although we left early, we made sure we watched it on the TV! 

We ate some authentic Chicago-style deep dish pizza for dinner
(uh, YUM!)
And after that, we just had to make an appearance at the infamous

Before we knew it, we were all driving home!
...But not before visiting Navy Pier.
Our car decided to do some exploring.
We only had time to ride the giant Ferris wheel, but it definitely was worth it.

e stopped at chick-fil-a, because, chicken, and ventured home.

My friend, Annaleah, and I went to the SCC factory location when we got back
to church and grabbed some latte's
before heading out to get our free bouquet of flowers
from Flowers for Dreams.

and that officially wraps up my first semester of Life Leadership College.
Summer is a time where everyone takes off and does their thing.
I have friends going to Georgia, Colorado, and even Vietnam.
The fall will be interesting since we will be adding more students,
and adjusting to one of our classmates that graduated this past weekend.

I'm ready to take a couple deep breathes before fall arrives!
This summer is going to be full of adventure, surprises, and new things.
Won't you tag along?