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How's the weather?

I absolutely love kids.
They're the cutest things and are full of vibrancy that we need in our lives.
They are so confidant in who they are and what they do.
Demanding and expectant.
and incredibly fearless.

I think the more we learn about children, the more we learn about ourselves.
We are never done growing out of the fundamental basics of a child. 
here is one of them.


A few Sunday's ago at church I saw a kid bawling his eyes out.
Like full on melt down.
You'd think that the world was ending for him.
Do you want to know what he was crying about?

His parents wouldn't let him have a lollipop.

As adult persons in the world, we would look at that young boy
and brush that off.
How silly it is to meltdown about something so insignificant.
We as matured humans, can look in hindsight and understand that
the lack of a lollipop is not the end of the world.
We sit there giggling and cooing at the cuteness of his frustration.
Because we know better, and we think that he isn't seeing the irrationality of his crying.

I hope you can hear with your eyes the sarcasm in those sentences.
We are just like that little crying boy. 
We are just a little bigger.

The spring time gets me itchy about summer and nicer weather,
and this past Saturday was super warm outside.

But, instead of being outside, I was working from 5:15am-1:00pm.
I would stare at the outside and internally whine like a little dog who needs to be let out.
Oh, how my heart longed to just walk outside for a moment and breathe, and be in the sun.
My mind started planning the rest of my day.

I get off at 1.
I have to hop in my car and drive for 40 minutes.
Get to church for band practice.
Breathe for a second.
run practice.
service run through.


by the time I was done with the service it is evening and I feel like my day
was robbed of time.
My frustration started leaking and I was getting unconsciously upset at the fact
that I would not have anytime outside.
My brain was immediately latching on to this concept...

I never have time anymore to go outside and enjoy the weather

I can easily ruin a day if I think that way. 
I started thinking of the negatives rather than the postivies.

Me and this 2 year old child are looking pretty similar at this point.
He couldn't have a lollipop.
I couldn't be outside.
We both were throwing a fit.

I try my best to keep my social media on the positive side.
If there are people that are consistently
posting negative things, I either unfriend or just block their posts.
There are so many things to be negative about, its incredible.
 Finding a reason to see the worst in everything is a lot easier
than it is to search for the positives.
Not because there are more bad than good, but bad just sticks out like a sore thumb.

Whenever I am traveling by myself,
my mom likes to make a point at some of the things that could go wrong, and how I need to prepare
for them and always be cautious and safe.

"Alysia, you can't think that there are not bad people in this world" she says.

And my response is always the opposite.
you can't think that there aren't good people in this world

You need the two spectrums.
If nothing was negative, you wouldn't know the positive.
If nothing was positive you wouldn't know it's negative.

So, as I sat there watching this kiddo work through his frustration,
I saw myself.

Then I saw God looking at this little boy.
I saw God looking at me.
and at the girl who posted on Facebook about her relationship issues.
and the business man that didn't get the promotion.
or the #1 J-Biebs fan who didn't get front row tickets.

I know I was being a little factious but,
God is looking at us like this when we complain about the super silly things in life.
He sits there in complete justification knowing and understanding all things.
Instead of belittling us and treating us like young naive children,
He treats us like a father and invites us close.

He says,
"Come to me all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." (Matt. 11:28)
He does not say,
"You're stupid and foolish for thinking that this small issue is the end of the world"
but he grabs our hands to pull us in, stabilizes our shoulders and speaks words of Love.

"In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world."
(John 16:33)

Our circumstance does not define His character

His posture towards us in times where our world is melting is not
to bully us into trusting him.
He wants us to run into his arms and have us know that our problems are not the end.
The end is when he gives the word.

We can look at the situation with the crying boy and his mom and look at it like this:

The circumstance
-Boy did not get a lollipop.
-Because his mom said no.

If his circumstance defined the character of his mother,
we could easily judge and say that she was withholding.
But ask her why she did not allow him to have a lollipop.
The intention was for his good and not for his harm.

When we sit there and define our circumstances and think God's character is a reflection of
it, we can call God some pretty bad names.


The list can go on.

His character defines our circumstance

When we flip it around to say this instead, something powerful happens in our lives.
We begin to see the world and others through a different lens.
We know that God is in the business of goodness, 
no evil can come from him.

He is a good father who looks out for his children.
We want someone to care for us,
but we are not willing to let them say no to the things that will hurt us.

When we are denied of having "sweets" before dinner because it will upset our stomach,
we think we know better in that moment.
We know what we want.
But that doesn't mean it's good for us.
It's God who comes in and knows what we want, but gives us what we need.
That is truly caring for us.

When God is showing us love like that,
We can take that and do two things.

. throw a fit because we want what we want.
2. run to him because we want what he wants.

So, for me this was a really sweet reminder of who God is to me,
and makes me step back and examine my thoughts.
If I were to continue to throw a fit about every negative in my life,
well, it would suck quite honestly.
But I have the potential to live an extraordinary life full of joy, peace, and hope.

Are you going to let your circumstances define God's character,
or are you going to let his Character define your circumstance?