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Comin' at you with another life-update post!
I love writing these, and honestly its the only thing that I have time to write as of now. But hopefully I'll be having more content up after the wedding when all the craziness goes away.

If you'd like to read last months post here it is! (CLICK HERE)

Anyways, lets gooooooooo


Because I'm a crazy person, I am taking summer classes in order to make sure I graduate next summer!
I am currently enrolled at 15 credits with 6 courses (online). I have 2 gym classes, 2 social studies classes, and 2 core bible classes. Thankfully, after this semester I will be done with my general education AND I'm half way through my degree!

I started summer courses at the beginning of May and have been in it for several weeks now and I'll be honest I'm a little stressed out.
I have quite a lot to do to get ready for this coming weekend, and to do before our wedding and honeymoon but I'm sure it will all come together! 

Slightly related to school, but because we couldn't stay away from each other for long, some of my classmates and I went on a camping trip to Devils Lake!
The girls all went shopping and picked up way too much food, and then we had prepped a lot of the meals as well.
We got rained out the first night we were there, and the guys tent had flooded so they slept in their car! 
The next day was absolutely beautiful outside. We had packed up the lunches for us and had hiked around devils lake. 
We kind of got lost at one point and detoured a lot, but we ended up back at the beach after almost 4 hours of hiking.
We spent a lot of our time playing games, and adventuring together.
Over all was a very fun and relaxing trip!

Pics below.

W E D D I N G 

and the countdown is at... *drum roll*
32 days!
I can hardly believe that tomorrow marks 1 month until we get married!
At this point, I feel as if I am running out of time to get things done.
Partially because I'm leaving for Florida so soon, and partly because I had too many ideas.

As we are nearing the end of our wedding planning, I'm really thankful that its almost over...
This has been a really tough year with juggling school, wedding, and family and friends.
I'm really grateful for the time that I have had over this past year to get everything in order for the wedding, and I'm really looking forward to the wedding day! 

This week I am going in for my final wedding dress fitting (I'm so excited and hope it fits!). I sent in my ring last week to get it's accessory band soldered together, and I've missed it so much!
I spent an hour last night doing some hand lettering stuff for the place cards and still have quite more things to do. Again, we are near the end so thankfully I don't have much more on my plate to get done! 

Here is a few pieces of advice:
As my friend Carly was wedding planning, she would tell me that its like getting a slap in the face and then getting a hug. In the beginning I didn't feel that as much, but as time went on, I definitely felt slapped, and definitely felt hugged. 

Always always always remember that it isn't only about the perfect wedding.
It's about you and your boo saying, "I do" to life with each other forever.
It's living your life together fulfilling the promises you've made on your wedding day.
People can get really caught up in the details of the wedding day itself, but then aren't prepared for married life. If you are in this season of wedding planning I encourage you to always be looking towards the other side of it. Don't just be prepared for your wedding, but be prepared for MARRIAGE.


I leave for my first big adventure this Sunday! In case you didn't read last post, I'll be doing an internship this summer in Florida. I'm incredibly excited for what the summer holds for me there, but I'm a little nervous.

I've never been away from home by myself for this long before. And it will be really tough to be long distance with Sam before AND after our wedding, but I know that we will make it out stronger through this small time apart.

 One thing that I'm really excited for is the amount of time that I will have. As stressful as it is to be away from home before my wedding, It's going to be nice to have time to devote towards my school, blog, wedding and more. 

Well, that is all that I have for y'all. I'm going to do one more "update" like-post about living in Florida before the wedding and then I'll do a recap of the wedding a while later. 

Thank you for reading this!
More content coming to you later this summer.