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"Did you leave Crosspoint?"

So I am going on week 3 of school and I am loving it.
I am in a program called Life Leadership College.
I get my schooling done online through SAGU in Texas.
To break that down more, Here is generally what a week looks like.

m o n d a y - w e d n e s d a y

I leave my house at roughly 7:10a and commute 40 minutes.
I really like these moments in the morning to just jam out and mentally prepare for the day
or week.
We start our day at school with an hour of prayer.
These are 60 minutes where I fill my notebook with what is on my heart,
and recenter my heart and mind on Him.
I do not take for granted this carved out time to spend with him.
We sit in our awesome LLC space in our desks and we have a few hours of productive
and meaningful class time.
Or we flip bottles, but it depends on the day.
Classtime for me looks like logging onto my SAGU blackboard account and seeing
what assignments I have.
Whether that is lectures for my Old Testament class, or discussion posts, or reading assignments.
I don't necessarily have homework, I just keep working on my course and getting
stuff turned in by or before its intended due date.

There is many awesome places to go to lunch near by or I typically just
bring a lunch. 
I wish I used this time more for blogging, but I am still trying to find a good medium.
Class. again.
In the words of Pastor Dustin in the words of Rihanna we,
"Work work work work work"
Again, just getting those assignments done. 

or flipping bottles.

Mondays we have foundations where people will come speak to us. It's just a rich time
of learning from others!
Tuesdays we have mentorship time with a staff member that is directing our
practicums, or areas where we are for a lack of a better word, "Interning" in.
We are going through a book called The emotionally healthy church and it is really interesting!
Go read!
Wednesdays and Thursday during this time we have practicum, so I'm either
helping out setting up and being present to the Youth services,
or on Thursdays I am setting up for the Elementary age children's ministry services
and getting it ready for the weekend.

I am so incredibly blessed to be learning and serving at Life Church.
Ugh just, Praise the Lord.

After Wednesday I go stay at my friend MacKenzie's house so I don't have to drive
all the way out here again after a long night.
uckily Thursdays are pretty chill and I get to sleep in a little bit! 

t h u r s d a y

Thursday mornings us LLC girls get together with Cara Johnston who is
Pastor Dustin's Wife.
This is called topic time and we just bring topics to discuss and encourage others in.
We meet off-site and a little later, and it is such a good start to the day!

After, we go to church and have chapel which consists of
worshipping and praying, and hearing a message. 
I like chapel, it's like a mini service but more intimate and slowed down.

The day goes as normal.

I also thought I should mention we are walking distance from a Starbucks.
and the addiction is real.
If only there was a Stone Creek or Colectivo closer we would really be in trouble.

f r i d a y

Fridays are our off days and is a day that we are encouraged to work.
Incase you did not know, I am a barista at Stone Creek Coffee.
I also love my job.
It is such a wonderful company and I am so excited that I get to work there!
Check out some latte art I have been working on.

I take my 100 Level Barista Certification test this Friday.
Pray for me y'all.

s a t u r d a y  &  s u n d a y

Saturdays I tend to work in the morning and then go straight to church.
I switch between being an assistant worship leader/small group leader for the Elementary age,
and being a room leader for the early childhood.
(I love holding the babies)
This has been a most interesting change since I am now volunteering in a position
I once was working for.
It's exciting to see what other places do and I am just excited to take in all I can during this time.

I love kids.
Like I freaking love them.
I have a passion for kids but not children's ministry.
I love Children's Ministry.
But that's not where I want to be my entire life.
Hence why I am no longer doing what I once was.
I think my passion for children comes from the calling on my life to be a
rad mom.
I cannot wait for motherhood one day, it's gonna be a blast.

We are there again in the morning for service on Sunday's.
I usually am able to attend the 9:00a service and then serve again at the 10:45a
I think it is so awesome I get the opportunity to sit in service and just take in what
Pastor is saying, and worship with the congregation.
Especially with the amount of hours we easily rack up in serving,
it's nice that we get poured right back into.

but, did you leave Crosspoint?

I mean, if that is the question,
then yes.
I did leave,
as in I no longer am there.
But I hope after you read this post you can understand why I am no longer at Crosspoint.
God has taken me and shifted me else where.
I am at Life Church, and I am in LLC. 

I love Crosspoint.
I call Crosspoint my family and home.
But God had been preparing me to leave for a long time now,
so he can further grow me.
I have nothing but love and respect for the staff at Crosspoint.
So if it is a matter of did I leave for a reason,
then my reason is I'm in college.
I'm growing.
Its just that simple.

So yeah.
That's my life right now.
Here is a picture of the new freshmen this Semester.
I am so excited where LLC is going to take me,
and how God is going to grow in me. 

Thanks for supporting me on this adventure.