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Hmmmm, Crazy how fast time goes by when you're....

1,000 miles away from your husband.


Yeah, it's been a WILD summer.
Since I neglected to do June + July's updates... Here is a mash up of both!


In a few blog posts ago, I blogged about moving down to Florida.
(If you haven't read it yet, click here!)
I moved down to Florida for the summer to participate in an internship at a church.

The weekend that I got down there I was headed to Daytona Beach
for an event with the youth called, "Camp Gnar".
I've been going to Camp Gnar for the past 2 years
and Sam actually asked me to be his GF during free time at the first Camp Gnar.

After that, I had three weeks left until I came home to get married.
To be honest... I spent that time either at my internship or doing homework.

I drank a lot of iced soy caramel macchiato's
and wrote a LOT of papers.

Then, I came home for a few days!
My handsome husband-to-be picked me up at the Chicago airport
holding a bouquet of flowers -- so sweet.

All that was on my agenda was getting ready for my wedding
and stopping at Stone Creek Coffee at least once a day. 

For my bachelorette party, my girls took me out for painting!
I love painting -- it's something I don't do too much of anymore, but I miss it.

After, we went out to Sushi in MKE because, Sushi.
We ended the night at Insomnia Cookies.
I had an absolutely blast with my girls!

The night before my wedding a few of my bridesmaids and I
had a sleepover.
Something that made this super special was that it was a
throwback to our childhood.

See, as kids, we would do sleepovers like normal little girls.
But we would call each home a, "Hotel".
This is where we were no longer normal little girls.
We went all out for hotel nights.
We would "check-in" our friends, assign them a "hotel room"
which usually consisted of a seat on the couch, and we wrote letters
to ourselves and to others and pretended our producers and managers were
writing to us.
I mean, we would literally spend hours doing this.
We had menu's, dance parties, and games.

Ahh. The Glory days.

Anyways, they checked me into the "Anderson Hotel" one last time
as an Anderson. (BRB crying).
We danced, and ate snacks and tried to get the rash off of my forehead.

Funny story -- I got my eyebrows waxed like a few days
before the wedding and turns out my skin reacted to the wax.
Oh, also, she waxed my forehead too?? So my entire forehead broke out
the day before the wedding. The bumps and redness chilled out after I attacked it
with creams and ointments.  


Best day ever.
Sam and I got married!
It was amazing and we literally couldn't have asked for a more

I'm going to leave this cute little photo and keep going because
I don't want to make this super long.


Wedding blog post coming soon though!

Our honeymoon (again will be explained more in a different post)
was so much fun. We went to Disney World and then spent the rest of the time on the beach
at the Sand Key Island in Florida.


I dropped him off at the airport at the end of the week,
which was SO SAD.


I spent my first fourth of July out of state which was both sad and fun.
I had a lot of fun with my fellow interns here,
but I was sad to have missed yet another 4th of July with Sam!

Honestly, the rest of the month was just me spending as much time
In a Starbucks as possible to finish my dang semester.

I completed my classes about 10 days early and it felt SO good to be done.

At the end of the month, I was going on a trip to Georgia
with my host family.
I was supposed to be there for 5 days, but left early to surprise Sam!

Here are a few photos from the small time I spent there.
I had a blast, and love and miss my family very much! 

This family is forever in my life. I'm incredibly grateful to have lived with such
amazing, and God-seeking people! 

I started on my adventure home and drove 4 hours by myself to Nashville.
Which was scary, but I did it.
I met up with my friends Jess + Justin who kindly hosted me for the night!

We got coffee, ate some amazing food and explored downtown Nash.
I had so much fun -- I just might have to come back to visit again!

I picked up my friend, Mackenzie, who flew from MKE to Nashville
just to drive 10 hours with me in a car back to MKE.
I kind of have the best friends EVER.

We drove and sung at the top of our lungs to Ariana Grande,
and ate tons of snacks.

I dropped her off at the MKE airport where her car was parked,
and I hit the pedal to the metal to get home!

I told Sam that I got an e-mail that the "package" I sent him arrived.
He was excited about this because
A. He loves gifts
B. I told him this about a week before I came home. He's been looking forward to this for a while.

I jumped out and said, "Delivery" and he was in SHOCK!
Reunited again, and forever.

And that was my June + July!
I hope that through my spark-notes-esk approach here you still
got a good gist of what my couple of months entailed.

Honestly, It was boring in most parts because I was truly just trying to finish up
my schooling. But that is okay, I'm 15 credits closer to my degree than I was at the
beginning of summer!

I'm home, and I'm happy.
I have many many more posts in store, so stay tuned.

As always, thank you for reading.
- A