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Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.
— William Arthur Ward

Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday. Its the day where it is perfectly acceptable to stuff your face with food -- what a dream! 

It's also the holiday that brings attention to the importance of being thankful. It's a season that spurs on the need to be grateful for things and people in our lives. I may be biased because encouragement is my spiritual gift, but this Holiday should definitely come around more often.

Here are just a few of the things that I am insanely grateful for!

1. Jesus


This one is hands down at the top of the list. I am incredibly thankful for the sacrifice that Jesus made when he came down and took on human flesh and died for our sins. I have no idea where I would be in life if it weren't for Jesus. 

2. My Husband-to-be


I am so very thankful to have this man in my life. I couldn't imagine marrying anyone else, or loving someone this much. He's been my rock, and I can't wait until we are married! I couldn't ask for a better forever boyfriend.

3. The ability to taste food


This one is all too real, y'all. Like, we were given taste buds. We could easily survive with just eating food and not tasting it, but man is our God good to us for giving us the ability to TASTE! I love food, and I''m glad I get to taste the yums.

4. My Education

Copy of LLCOct17-84.jpg

Life Leadership College is intensive. It's no joke. But I wouldn't trade this time of education for anything. I am so thankful that I get the ability to go to college and to further my education, and completely love it! Also, look at this group of good looking people! This is my family.

5. My job


I am a Barista, I serve people liquid energy -- who wouldn't love that job? We have a great customer base, and not to mention this company is the freaking bomb. Stone Creek cares, and it's all about building true quality which extends to it's workers too. I know that I am valued in this company, and I love working here! #lattesbyleesh

6. My family 

I am thankful that I have a mom and a dad. I know that some people don't have that, and I definitely recognize this as a blessing. I am thankful to have a sister and a brother (even though he ignores me). I'm also thankful for my future family. The family I'm marrying into is the most kindest and warm family. I'm excited to becoming a Piasecki!

7. My friends 


I am thankful that my friends are who they are. I am thankful I have friends that will go through seasons with me, and that are constantly there for me. I am thankful for the friendships in far away places, and when we see each other in a long time it's so easy to pick our friendship back up. I have the best friends around!

8. Music


I am thankful for music. That myself and others can express themselves through lyrics or melodies. 

9. My pets


On the days when no one can be there to hug me in my lowest points, my animals are always there to snuggle. My pets are the cutest! They make me smile, they comfort me when I'm sad, and they shed hair all over my clothes... well I don't like the hair part but I still love them. 

10. Seasons 


Even though I hate the cold...I'm thankful I live in a place in the world where I get to experience seasons. To think that someone hasn't experienced snow, or fall or summer is mind boggling to me. But I live in a place where all four beautiful seasons show off their beauty.

11. Freedom


I am thankful for all the men and women who died/are actively serving to protect this country. Because of these people we have the freedom we do today. I get to go to church...in PUBLIC and not get shamed or physical hurt by people for it. I am so glad to live in a free place where women can exercise their rights to vote and contribute.

12. Creation


From sunsets to mountains to the seaside -- I am thankful for creation! We have been given incredible views in creation that we get to explore. Our God is truly an artist.

13. Traveling


Y'all. I'm so glad I live in the year of 2017 where I can hop on a plane and arrive somewhere. Or even drive. We live in a time where we are able to do that! I couldn't imagine living in an era that did not have this. We are privileged to be able to travel parts of the world and see what it all has to offer. 

14. Breathing


This is a thing I thank God on the daily for. The first breath that we took this morning was given to us. It isn't guaranteed. I am thankful that I've been living for 22 years and counting. What an honor it is to live this life.

15. Laughing


The best medicine. We get to experience the emotion of feeling joy. I love that we get to laugh and experience this kind of happiness. I am so thankful for my laughing lines, because life is too short to not be laughing!

Of course there are far more things that I am thankful for, but here is just a few of them. What a precious thing to be thankful and express gratitude.

What are you thankful for?