Welcome to my blog! I hope you can find a home within these pages. If you're a hot-mess than you're in the right place.




Come on now, who do you, Who do you, who do you, Who do you think you are?
Ha ha ha, bless your soul. You really think you’re in control? Well I think you’re crazy
— Gnarles Barkley

I think that there was no better way to start off this post than to quote this song.

I'm calling this post the #greatmistakeof2k18 purely for comedic relief.
But let me tell you, this has probably been the most stressful summer of my life so far.
Maybe top 2, but it's been, as Gnarles Barkley puts it...


I promise this isn't going to be a post only about complaining,
but let me quickly recap the craziness of this summer.

- Relocated to Florida 3 weeks before my wedding for an internship
- Took 6 college summer classes
-Did 4 weeks-worth of homework for said classes before my wedding
-Continued to plan my wedding
-Got married (yay!)
-Honeymooned for a week
-Said goodbye to my HUSBAND because I was staying in FL  while he went back to WI
-Miss my husband and my family and friends and dog and cat like non else.

I'm looking at the better-half of my summer as I finish up my classes and only have 3 weeks left here in Florida! #praiseGod

The reason why I'm calling this post the, "Biggest mistake of 2k18" was not because I did all of things that I did this summer....
but because I thought that I could do this stuff alone.

Something that I'm learning during this time is that, yes -- I'm a pack mule and I can haul a lot of weight around in my life, but
the thing is, was not meant to.
I've been really leaning into God and being dependent on his strength, because right now everything in me wants to shut down
and not finish that 10 page paper.

But with the end in mind, in a few weeks I'll be done with ALL of my classes for the summer,
I'll be in a new apartment with my HUSBAND,
and I'll be back home.

I've got so much to look forward to.
This summer has been fun, and adventurous, and it definitely has stretched me!
would not trade the growth and the experiences I've had for the world.


While I'm here,
I recently launched a Instagram page for the blog. (Follow it here or look up @alysiapaigeblog).
I primarily used my personal account as leverage for my blog because I have over a thousand followers somehow.
BUT I want to start fresh and be able to measure and track growth.

Anyways, if you want some exclusives and such, go follow that page.
I also will be posting beauty related things in the near future on the page,
but also on the HGTV channel thing that Instagram has!
I'm super excited to utilize this tool to reach people for my blog.

I would love people to find a home within the pages of my blog and to be able to point to where they see themselves within the posts.
That's a huge reason why I blog.
Not for followers or for recognition.
Just for someone to read and say, "I've been there before!".

Special thank-you to those that have been with me since the beginning. I've appreciated your support a great deal.
And to all the new peeps... Welcome to the pages.


Sorry the end this short, but I've got homework to do.

I'm super excited to be able to start writing posts about the wedding!
I'm waiting until we get our photos back to do a wedding + honeymoon post.
I'm super excited to share our PERFECT day with you all. I am so amazed by the support and generosity of people in our lives.

This road has not been a smooth one but the reward we reap is incredible joy.