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"it's been busy, but it's been good!"

It's been a month adjusting to my new schedule.

Its been school, work, teach, sleep on repeat 5 weeks now.
Finding a good rhythm is pretty tough.
I do not think that I am quite there yet, but I think eventually I will be.

Adjusting is hard.
real hard.
and just like my rhythm, I haven't fully adjusted either.
But I am getting there.

a couple of Sunday's ago I came to a place
of being overwhelmed during check out with the Elementary students.
I don't know the parents, and I don't really know the kids yet.
This has particularly been hard because I've been in a position of running an Elementary program,
and knowing the kids by name, and knowing the parents.

Abandoning my familiarity was one thing that I knew God
was calling me to do when I stepped into this.
I still haven't found the place where I belong here completely,
and I haven't made the imprints or impact I would have liked to yet.
and some days its discouraging.

There is comfort in routine and belonging.
But, if I was never stretched or challenge I would never grow.

Janae Kathrine Photography 

Janae Kathrine Photography 

lbeit has been rough.
Thankfully, there have been a lot of wins and confirmations that this is the
exact place God wants me to be.

Wednesday nights are sometimes awkward for me.
I don't have a place, and I don't know the students all that well.
I have a huge heart for Youth Ministry, 
and I want to be changing lives and making an eternal impact.

But big things don't happen overnight.
They start as small things.
Like remembering a student's name.
Or having a conversation and praying with people.
Those are the things that will have a greater ripple effect in the end.


My favorite Holiday is probably Valentines Day because,
I love, love.

We have our topic time where the girls get together and then separately
the guys get together and we talk about things!
We went over to Cara's place and she made us this delicious drink.
I think it was called unicorn hot chocolate
I mean look at how CUTE that is?!
It was so good, and a perfect way to start off the Valentine's festivities.

On Friday, my friends had invited Sam and I for a
"Palentines" Day party.
It was really nice to see some of my Crosspoint friends!
We had a VERY intense few hour game of catch phrase.
We also learned that Sam is not good at describing things under pressure with out using his hands.
There's a first for everything.

This is Pudgy by the way,
and she is cute.

on Saturday we had a family night, and it was Mardi Gras themed.
I do not have many pictures from that night...but I have a picture of the spicy gumbo that I had eaten.
We ate a special dessert called, "King's Cake".
and there is a little plastic baby inside of the cake, and if you get it then you have
a lucky year.
I did not get the baby.
but I wanted it.
The cake was sugary goodness, so it all made up for it.

Tuesday was Valentine's Day.
So LLC channeled their inner
5-year-old and we had our own Valentine's exchange!
My friend, Annaleah, and I had decorated the LLC space on Monday night.
Then on Tuesday we had bags with peoples names on them so people could drop
their valentines in.

To make things even better,
the guys bought us a heart shaped box of chicken nuggets from Chick Fil A!
Chicken is my love language.
I felt very loved.

Now, as fun as being busy is, there comes a time
when you need to rest.
I'm not good at the whole resting thing,
and it definitely comes back to bite me in the keister.

I woke up Wednesday morning not feeling too hot.
I had a throbbing headache and stomach ache as well.
as the day progressed, I got sicker, and sicker.
I tried to tough out a day at school, but only made it until lunch.
Pastor Dustin let me go home early to rest.
again, as the day went on, I got sicker and sicker.
and then today.
I woke up with intense back aches, 
chills, hot flashes and more.
I went to work only to come back home 2 hours later.
I was able to get parts of my shift covered so I could go home and rest.
I had definitely been running a fever over 100,  
I literally felt like I was on my death bed.
I must have gotten the flu or something, but It was not fun.
I am a little surprised, I normally just get bronchitis, but I guess my body
wanted to mix things up.

While resting it made me think about my actual time of rest.
I don't have it.
I am the type of person who runs until they are on E.
and this week I was on E.
I kept trying to push and push these past 5 weeks, I think it finally caught up with me.
Making time out of your schedule to rest, and do what is rehabilitating to your soul is so important.
That is something that I could definitely get better at. 

Things have been busy, but it's been good.