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Hi Hi!

About a month ago I put out a little update on what is happening in my life.
(which you can read here if you'd like)
As I said in that post,
I'd love to keep doing these monthly blog re-caps just to share with y'all whats happening,
and to have an archive I can look back on.

I have lots of news to share with you, so lets get started!


Guys, I'm done! 
For the semester...but still! I am so ready for summer.

I just got back yesterday from our end of the year retreat, which was amazing.
We spent a few days up in Door County and found things to do even though everything was closed.

The funny thing about Wisconsin is you'll never know what kind of weather you're going to get.
We have had crazy weird snowmageddon episodes in the middle of SPRING.
A day or two before we left we got hit with a few inches of snow, and so did where we were going
. Lucky enough, it was a smooth drive, and it did not snow in Door County the whole duration we were there!

We spent most of our time in this big summer house.
The girls all shared a bedroom and the guys were spread out amongst a few rooms.
We hung out, put together puzzles, sung our hearts out to High School Musical karaoke, played games on the playstation and so much more! These are memories I will never forget.
Even though we all were in such a small quarters for a long time, I did not feel like it was forced fun, I truly and genuinely love being around these amazing people.
We celebrated the summer birthdays to come, and on the last night we honored the senior class that is leaving us.
It is so bitter sweet to let these classmates go, but so exciting to see how God is going to use them!
I am blessed to even know these people and to call them my friends.

Take a look at a few pictures from our trip below:


We are currently at 63 days and counting DOWN until our wedding!
This journey has always been defeating as we look towards the amount of days left until we get married,
but when looking back on how far we've come it is rewarding.
On Sunday it will be exactly 2 months until I get to be Sam's WIFE!!!!
I cannot wait to marry Sam and start our lives together as a married couple! 

I finally found someone willing to tailor my dress and I am so happy about this God-send.
It's wedding season, and lets be honest I procrastinated because I had a lot on my plate, and no one could take me in.
Grandmothers friend is a tailor and said she'd be willing to do my dress!
It was a fun experience and now I can't wait to put my dress on for a final fitting before I wear it for our wedding. 

Between last month and this month I had TWO Bridal showers and I was completely blown away!
My first bridal shower was from my Maid of Honor who worked along with my other bridesmaid, for hours to put together a perfectly detailed celebration for me. I was surrounding by my dear friends and family. I loved every second of it!
Also, Megan made a bomb salad that I still dream about.

(Peep them pics below!)

And then a few weeks later, the ladies from my school had surprised me with a tea party bridal shower!
I'm not easily surprised, but they kept this secret so well I had NO idea.
I felt like the princess diaries with this gigantic crown on my head, sipping some delicious tea, and munching on some bangin' scones.
Every girls dream, am I right?

(Take a looksie for yourself below)



Call me crazy, but this summer is going to be one for the books.
Not only am I getting MARRIED, but I will be temporarily moving to Ocala, Florida!
I'll be interning at Church @ The Springs and I could not be more excited!
I leave in just a little over a month to drive down there and start the internship.
My best friends Kelsey and Megan are going to come with me for the drive down so I'm not driving by myself!
I planned an entire girls trip and it's gonna be so much fun I cannot wait. Although it is going to be so sad to say goodbye to my sweet fiancé, the next time we will see each other is a few days from our wedding.

I'll be down in Florida until the week of the wedding. After the wedding, Sam and I will be going back to Florida for our honeymoon.
We are planning to go to Disney World to start off our first week of marriage!
I get super excited to plan trips in case you couldn't tell.. so I'm all about that right now.

After our Honeymoon, I'll be staying in Florida while Sam goes back to Wisconsin to work.
I'll be interning until middle August and from there,
I'll come back home and move into an apartment together as, "The Piasecki's".

Piasecki (65 of 69).jpg

Oh, also, I'm taking 15 credits for school to get stuff done.
So, theres that. #everydayimschooling

I am so excited and expectant for what God is going to do in this season.
This is going to be the summer of my life
and I cannot wait to spend time serving the people of Ocala,
and to marry the man of my dreams. Although we will be apart for the first month of marriage,
we have the rest of our lives to be with each other so we will sacrifice this small time. 

So that is my life update for April!
Looking back on my last post, its crazy to see how things have progressed. 
Thank you for reading this incredibly long post and being invested in my life!
If you would please join in praying for me during this next season with my time in Florida and as I step into being a wife.