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I feel like I blinked and it was October.
Anyone else?


I have some fun blog posts in the works
but until then,
I wanted to give you something.
So, an update it is.

Let’s cover a few basics:
Married Life

Not sure what this post will turn into, but I hope you enjoy.


My Husband and I have been married for 3 months and 2.5 weeks.
Saying, “Husband” is getting less weird and more normal.

Unlike most normal girls, I barely practiced signing my new name.
Also, Anderson to Piasecki is a quite the change for me.
I will go to sign things and I just kind of scribble my way through it.
I’m sure i’ll figure it out.

So far, this has been the best three months!
I really have no complaints about marriage, its great.
I think one thing that has made this transition easy is that we both
think fairly similar on a lot of things.
Like, the way we want our house to look,
and what our roles are within our home —
We’re on the same page, which is nice.

We also are very busy people so we have our time
away from each other in a good healthy way.
So, also a plus!

In case you’re wondering…
When are we going to start having kids?
We’d like to be married for a least a year before we had kids, but preferably in the next 2.5 years.
We really aren’t in any rush because I’m a full-time college student and not working.



Meet Winston Piasecki

We got a cat at the end of August. I’m not sure If i’ve even posted about him on here…but now I know I have. His name is Winston, he is around 6 months old. I had been teasing Sam about getting a cat because I was lonely at home, and I was scrolling through Facebook and someone I was Facebook friends with needed to get rid of their cat that they just got. Within a week we decided to get him and I drove 3.5 hours to La Crosse to get him! His personality has been unraveling as he continues to be more comfortable with us.

He’s a cute little demon and we love him a lot, even though he bites our feet when we are trying to sleep. He LOVES to cuddle like right in my face when we are sleeping. So, that’s good!

That’s our cat!

** Go follow his cuteness on Instagram. **


I am currently a Junior at Life Leadership College.
I am still projected to be done this summer (PRAISE THE LORD),
I just need to take a bigger load of classes next semester and a little extra in the summer.
Recently I found out that one of the classes I was taking didn’t count towards my
degree, so that was a little upsetting to have my plan messed up a little bit,
but I can still graduate when I want to (if I pass all my classes!).
The end is near and I can feel it!

This semester I’ve had a lot of opportunities to step into leadership
and to get over my fears.
The best is yet to come and i’m believing that God is going to move
in big ways these next few semesters I have left here.

That’s all I have for you!

I know, nothing crazy or super thought provoking,
but I hope you enjoyed this light reading.

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite thing about fall is!

Until next post —