Welcome to my blog! I hope you can find a home within these pages. If you're a hot-mess than you're in the right place.



I think if you take anything away from my blogs,
it would be to learn from my mistakes.
I will gladly tell you some of the ugly parts of my life if it means that it would
awaken something within you, and push you towards Jesus.

I posted a blog before with the title
and I just sit and laugh because I thought my life at that time was busy.
It is busy now.
And I'm finding myself constantly saying, 
"I've been good! busy...but good"
when people ask me how I've been.
I've used this excuse in too many crucial areas in my life.
I don't sleep because I'm busy.
I don't eat because I'm busy.
I don't spend time in the Bible (yeah I went there) because I'm busy.
I am finding myself getting short with others because I'm busy.
and the list goes on and on.

What can I do to help you?

I'm sure I have mentioned this before,
but I am a Barista at Stone Creek Coffee!
You can probably tell by looking at my Instagram

*nsert shameless plug here*

Coffee is pretty near and dear to my heart.
which is why the above picture of a broken mug of coffee is hilarious.
It's painfully funny because it's me.

While working a couple of weekends ago, 
I had come to a moment where I was getting short and easily frustrated with another co worker.
When I am frustrated I resort to two things:
1. Crying
2. Silence

I am a processor. I take my time. 
Ask me a question while I'm processing and I'll get back to you in a day.
This makes conflict particularly difficult for me sometimes,
because I need to process the emotions I'm feeling, and why I am feeling those emotions.
My co-worker wanted to know how to "fix" in the moment, but I fell to silence
because I didn't know what was internally going on.

Eventually, we had a conversation about personalities and it was a good resolved
Thanks MBTI!
(Myers-Briggs personalities test. Go take it and go learn. and then tell me because I want to know)

It's not better to be bitter

There was a moment in the midst of my storm of frustration
where God gently spoke to me.

You are not better off being mad.

it is sweet how God talked to me.
and you know what my response to him was?

No, God.
I'm mad. Imma be mad.

When did I forget that you've always been the king of the world?

Do yourself a favor and look up the song
King of the world // Natalie Grant

I'm not a K-Love girl, 
but I listen to this song in the car,
and I ball like a baby as I sing along.
This song puts me in check right quick, let me tell you. 

I chose to stay bitter instead of get better.
In that moment I could of been a better co-worker.
Things could have been resolved sooner.
But no, I chose to stay in a state of anger for no reason.
ah the life of a sinner.

Ignore the fact that I look like the hunch-back of Notre Dame..

I got this tattoo last November.
I have three total, and I love them all.
This one is frequently asked about, probably because of the geometric shape
and weird plant growth.
I promise it makes sense.

John 15:5 says...
""Yes, I am the vine; you are the branches. Those who remain in me, and I in them, will produce much fruit. For apart from me you can do nothing."

The triangle is the trinity,
and the roots are in the triangle... (Remaining in Him)
and the flowers on the top is the "fruit" or growth.

This tattoo is a great reminder.
I can do nothing without him.
Oh, how I'm learning that!

When I am remaining in God, I'm producing and seeing the fruits of the Spirit in my life.

Does that sound amazing to have that in your life?
I don't know about you but I have run out of patience, and kindness, and gentleness with
myself and others.
I order way too many Grande Iced Carmel Macchiato's with extra Carmel drizzle from Starbucks
to have self control.

I desperately wish I had the fruits of the Spirit in my life-
I wish I had more Jesus in my life.
I feel as though I'm underwater, and I haven't breathed in a long time.
But, you know. I don't think "being busy" is an excuse.

Pastor Aaron is in the series called, "Margin" and let me tell you
it's kicking my butt.
He did this illustration where he was able to fit
a few large round rocks, some medium rocks, and pebbles and sand in one fat vase.
He put the sand in first and worked his way to the large rocks, but there was no room.
Then, He fit the big rocks and so on.
There was enough room for the sand and MORE.
(Check out the series here: http://lifechurchwi.com/watch/margin/)

As soon as I feel like I'm not breathing,
that's when I have put God as my co-pilot instead of my captain.

The exact moment I do not remain in God, 
is the moment that the chance and opportunity for fruit to grow in my life,

That's just been convicting me lately.
I hope that you can read my story and look at your life and if it sounds familiar,
maybe God wants to speak to you about it.

On a lighter note,
Our friends got married and we were excited about it.
We got to look cute, dance, and eat tasty food.
On Friday around noon after I worked, we drove
4.25 hours to Stillwater, MN.
I did my make up in the car, and then we changed at a rest stop.
We had to drive back after the reception, but it was worth the sleep deprivation.

Anyways, I love weddings. 
I cried a little bit at the ceremony because I think love is amazing.
nd so theres that.

Congratulations, Lindsey & Nando!
We love you!

I think life with Jesus is better than anything else.
Lets remain in the Lord!