Oh, hey there!

Wisconsin Native | 23 years old | Lover of Bacon

My name is Alysia Paige!
Welcome to my blog, I hope that you can find a home within it's pages.

This is the part where I have to write a professional description, but... I'm not good at them. So here are a bunch of words (not all in order) that accuratly describe things I am or love.
Christian // Lifestyle Blogger // Musician (guitar + piano + singer) // Songwriter // Knitter // Scone-baker // Barista // Coffee Geek // Frequent Flyer // Worship Leader // Lord of the Rings Fan // Wife to Sam // DIY // Art // Cooking //  Fashion

What is Alysia Paige?

I started this blog (formerly known as "The Wanderer's Blog") several years ago. I had first blogged about life updates so I could feel personal to those far away or for those whose schedules just were not compatible.

Then somewhere in that, I found my love to write.

I want you to see yourself in my posts, to look at it and point out the areas where you think, "Hey, I've thought that before!" or "I'm not the only one who does..." I think that the most special thing about human beings is our incredible ability to relate to one another. We are always searching to feel understood in something, and I hope you find that here.